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Lead Generation and Creating Awareness with NeoMarTek

Lead Generation and Creating Brand Awareness - Creating A Platform For Success

Digital Marketing is the primary focus for NeoMarTek but we have a wealth of experience in delivering marketing projects across the whole marketing mix, such as lead generation and creating awareness. As part of your overall marketing activity we can assist with planning, design and implementation, which would include:

  • Developing project plans with detailed actions, responsibilities, timescales and costs
  • Campaign management
  • Supplier liaison and supervision


Reaching decision-makers and influencers to create sales leads

  • Press, media and analyst relations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database specification, design and management
  • Data sourcing with list building & cleaning
  • administration-level skills and expertise
  • Telemarketing campaign development and management
  • Seminars, webinars, exhibitions and conferences
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Direct mail


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Lead Generation and Creating Awareness with NeoMarTek