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Digital Marketing Overview - How The Game Has Changed

Digital Marketing - The Game Has Changed. Are You Ready for Mobile?

We’ll help you create a Digital Marketing experience that works for your audience, making it easy for them to find what they want and do what they need: solutions with real value.


You need to: Inform. Educate. Engage. We use the various technology elements of Digital Marketing as a tool, a means to end - usually to get you more business! - and not for their own sake or because it’s the latest over-hyped media buzzword. So what’s important?


Content is (Still) King

People seek valuable information online - it’s words that matter and get your message across, not flashy graphics. So whether your words are text on the screen or provide the script for audio or a video, it’s content that acts as the primary foundation for smart Digital Marketing.


Search Engines (Still) Rule

When it comes to targeted traffic from the prospects you most want to reach, search engine positioning is vital. SEO, which involves creating content that people want to share, via the language people use when searching, requires excellent marketing and copywriting skills. NeoMarTek can help. Digital Marketing - The Game Has Changed. Are You Ready for Mobile?


Convert or Don’t Bother

All the great content and search engine rankings in the world won’t matter unless people are persuaded to take action. You need to tell a story that converts prospects into customer and clients. We’ll help you deliver compelling, informative content that keeps buyers engaged throughout the sales process.

Digital Marketing - The Game Has Changed. Are You Ready for Mobile? 

The Future is Mobile

The other big change of course is that people are increasingly using the internet on the move. According to The Sunday Times, last year 15% of Google searches were carried out on mobile devices; this year it will be 30%. The future is mobile.



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