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Case studies for Digital Marketing services

suc+cess, n. - the attainment of wealth


Digital Marketing is a critical success factor for every business today. These case study examples of Digital Marketing are just a small cross-section of the projects we have completed. We helped one company grow revenues by 35% over a 12 month period via an integrated campaign involving e-mail marketing, a website redesign & refresh, Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords.


Websites - all are mobile friendly, fully responsive designs*

Click the links to view the sites.


Jack's Gallery - Customised WordPress theme (Enfold) with fully integrated e-commerce by WooCommerce


American Road Trips - Another Enfold-based WordPress theme


Koi Water Garden - Fully mobile friendly website using NeoMarTek's own responsive software framework, including e-commerce on all pages


Henley Herald - Another customised Enfold WordPress theme


Create ’n Make - Also based on Twitter Bootstrap, again with e-commerce


Rossetti Ristorante - Another site using WordPress; the site is no longer live as the owner sold out to another restauranteur who made him an offer he couldn't refuse! (Seriously though, it was an amicable deal.)


Royal China - Another WordPress site; Royal China was a family-run Chinese restaurant located on the Reading Road near the centre of Henley on Thames. It sadly stopped trading in July 2018.


Dragonflies Montessori School - A customised WordPress theme again; the site is no longer live as the school unfortunately ceased trading due to the proprietor's illness


Motorhome Group - Used the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework: also included e-commerce


Analytical MDM - Mobile friendly WordPress-based website used for a marketing campaign, but now taken off-line


AirVersent - Not responsive: created in the days before large screen smartphones were commonplace when mobile friendly sites were not necessary


Red-M - Not responsive; as AirVersent


And of course, NeoMarTek... fully responsive design - resize your desktop browser window, see the site change


* Except where stated

Search Engine Optimisation

Website traffic increased by 100% within 6 months at one company after optimising for SEO, including re-development and launch of a new design and image, plus revising the content and messaging.

Email Marketing

We regularly achieve Email Read / Open rates of between 18-20% when the industry average or expectation is 10-15%.


One campaign achieved a 26% Read rate whilst another did even better at 31%.


Click through rates (CTR) are typically 12-13% of Reads, again against an average of 10% - with one campaign achieving 22%.


All campaigns are run using CRM systems such as Salesforce, using our in-depth administration-level experience of such platforms.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click

Using AdWords, over a 6 month period regular New Visitors per week to its website increased by 50% for a company from what they were getting at the start of the campaign.


One campaign achieved an average advert position of 3.9 for a wide range of ads, at an average Cost-Per-Click of just £0.45.


A banner ad campaign on a food industry portal achieved a Click-Thru Ratio to the client’s site of quadruple the norm for that portal.