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The Future is Mobile - Are You Ready For 'Mobilegeddon'?

The future is mobile: Digital Marketing Services from NeoMarTek

Digital Marketing, the use of internet-connected devices to engage with consumers and companies, is something that every company must undertake today. Why? 51% of people now have a smartphone; 49% use search on their devices every day; and 95% have researched a product or service.*


So the future is mobile yet many websites today just don’t work on mobile devices. Is your website optimised to work in the mobile world? Does your website automatically change how it looks when viewed on a PC, iPad or smartphone - or any other different size mobile device?


Users want to view your content on whatever devices they choose - so you need to make sure they get the right experience. If you haven’t got a mobile friendly, responsive website today, you’re already turning customers off and sending new prospects away.


Improve Your Digital, Web & Online Marketing

We create responsive websites that means you may not need to use apps, with all their complexity and expense, at all. But it’s not just about websites: in addition to creating mobile friendly designs, including WordPress sites, over the years we’ve...


The internet has changed how businesses need to operate - and NeoMarTek can increase your profitability by enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of your Digital Marketing.


We focus on your customers’ needs to provide you with creative solutions that will add real value and deliver significant benefits to help you grow your business. Contact us to find out more.

Google made changes - dubbed "mobilegeddon" by some - to the way its search engine ranks websites to favour those that are optimised for the mobile internet

NeoMarTek is based in Henley on ThamesOxfordshire. Whilst the nature of the digital world means we have successfully carried out projects all over the country - and on different continents - from our UK offices, we still prefer to talk to human beings as much as possible, and we don't hide behind our emails! We work with many local Henley businesses but the likes of Skype and cloud-based technologies means global collaboration is truly now a reality. So, please, don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help.