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The Motley Fool: Google Inc's "Mobilegeddon" Could Alienate Nearly Half Of Its Top Websites'


BBC News: Google’s 'mobilegeddon'


The Guardian: Google’s 'mobilegeddon' will shake up search results'


AfterDawn: Site owners beware: 'Mobile-geddon' is almost upon us


The Register: So you reckon Nokia-wielding Microsoft can't beat off Apple?


Search Engine Journal: 4 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design


The Channel: Android will ship more than ONE BILLION mobes+slabs in 2014


LinkedIn: Facebook Hit With Lawsuit - Could Mistrust Spell The End Of The Social Giant?


Search Engine Watch: 3 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is the Best Option For Your Mobile SEO Strategy


CNBC: Facebook marketing? Don't bother, says new report


The Register: Third of Brits now regularly fondling their slabs, say beancounters


After Dawn: Gartner - Smartphone sales overtake feature phones


The Register: Peak Apple - Samsung hits DOUBLE the market share of iPhones


LinkedIn: How Facebook Exploits Your Private Information


Forbes: Why You Need to Prioritize Responsive Design Right Now An iPhone lover’s confession: I switched to the Nexus 4. Completely.


Copyblogger: 15 WordPress User Errors That Make You Look Silly


Forbes: The Future Of The Web: The Case For Responsive Design UK companies not ready for mobile internet


ZDNet: Five reasons why Windows 8 has failed


Mashable: Why 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design


ZDNet: Analyst - Windows 8 hardware 'overpriced' and offers 'no clear benefit in switching from iOS or Android'


The Marketer: Social media: an indispensable B2B marketing tool or over hyped?


The Register: Android users: More of them than Apple fanbois


Internet Retailing: Survey finds mobile as the number one web access tool


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